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Rick Rubin: Sir Paul McCartney is the best of all bass players
Rick Rubin says most people just think of Sir Paul McCartney as a Beatle and don't give him enough credit as a musician.

Yes sell recorded music catalogue rights
Yes have sold the rights to their recorded music catalogue to Warner Music Group (WMG).

Philip Selway: Radiohead are in talks about their future steps
Radiohead drummer Philip Selway had some reassuring news about Radiohead's future.

Rita Ora found confidence as a songwriter while making third album
Rita Ora initially felt nervous writing the "very personal" lyrics.

Television band star Tom Verlaine dies aged 73
Television rock star Tom Verlaine dies aged 73 after a brief illness.

Ice Spice: 'Beyoncé picked me to be part of this campaign and s**t'
Ice Spice joins Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 to discuss her breakout success and debut EP ‘Like ..?’, smash single “Munch”

Maxi Jazz laid to rest
Faithless founder Maxi Jazz has been laid to rest, just over one month after he passed away at the age of 65.

Seal wishes he'd penned Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud
Seal has hailed 'Thinking Out Loud' as "one of the greatest songs ever written".

Dave Navarro not ready to rejoin Jane's Addiction
Dave Navarro is not ready to rejoin Jane’s Addiction on tour, as he is still struggling with Long COVID.

Harry Connick, Jr.: 'I really choked when I was singing for Frank Sinatra'
Fitzy & Wippa chatted with Harry Connick Jr ahead of the Australian Idol reboot. Harry told them about the time he ‘choked’


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